What does PVoC stand for?

PVoC stands for the Pre-Export Verification of Confomity.

What is the objective of the PVoC?

The PVoC is a product conformity scheme whose objective is to help ensure that products exported to Uganda meet minimum safety technical requirements. This will help ensure that Ugandan consumers are not exposed to potentially unsafe and sub-standard goods.

What products are covered by the PVoC?

The PvoC covers a wide range of regulated products. Click here for a full list of these regulated products.

What is the relationship between PVoC and PSI?

For Regulated Products, the PVoC is independent of and additional to any other import processes e.g. PSI.

What will it cost to comply with the PVoC?

The fees for demonstrating compliance with the PVoC are detailed within the "Guidelines for Exporters" document which can be found within the Resources Section. Additionally the exporters could contact the relevantIntertek Country Office for more information.

What are the benefits of the PVoC to Uganda?

PVoC will enhance the protection of the Ugandan consumer from unsafe and sub-standard products. In addition it will help Ugandan manufacturers to compete on a level playing field with imports since it will help prevent the import of products which are often cheaper due to their non compliance with safety standards.

What will happen if the PVoC is not complied with?

Regulated Products arriving at Ugandan ports without the necessary Certificate required by PVoC may be rejected at the port and refused release. The importer/exporter will then be required to re-export the goods or face delays while the goods are sampled and then tested to safety standards. The exporter/importer will be expected to bear all expenses related to this activity.

When does the PVoC come into force?

The PvoC comes into force from June 9th 2010.

Who enforces the PVoC?

The PVoC will be enforced by the UNBS Enforcement Unit. The presentation of Certificate of Conformity will be the means through which the PVoC will be enforced. This is a mandatory clearance documents for Regulated Products in addition to any PSI documentation.

Who has to demonstrate compliance with the PVoC?

The responsibility for demonstrating compliance lies with the exporter to Uganda. The compliance process should be undertaken in the country of export.

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